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EcoQue is a Seattle-based company offering A Greener Way to Grill™. Just like you, we love to cook and grill outdoors over an open flame. A few years ago, we recognized there must be a better way to do this – a way to use less fuel, and have less of an impact on our environment so that there will be a world to enjoy for the generations that follow us. With this in mind, we've sought out the finest products to accomplish this goal, and to do so without sacrificing quality in any regard.

What does A Greener Way to Grill™ mean?

  • Charcoal grills that use up to 75% less fuel to cook a meal.
  • Accessories built from renewable and either recycled or recyclable resources.
  • Propane grills with a glass panel in the hood allowing you to see what's cooking without ever lifting the hood, thus conserving gas.
  • Fuels derived from renewable resources and non-toxic materials.
  • Ovens and smokers that offer unprecedented energy efficiency, so that all of your fuel goes to cooking, not to waste.

This is just the beginning of what we plan to provide to outdoor cooking enthusiasts. Visit us often to see what's new, or join our mailing list to get the updates sent right to your inbox!

If you're a retailer interested in our products, please call us at 253-487-5924 or email us at for more information.

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